Ender (ender) wrote,

Vell. Before I move I wanted to code together a nice (yet playable!) tech demo to show off my skills... originally I was going to whip up a quick playstation game to show off my R3000 ASM. Then I realised I couldn't think of anything small enough to be able to code within a week of assembly ;)

Instead I'll play off on the X-Box phenomeon and take Quake, stick some skeletal animation and decent ray tracing code onto it... shove a Direct3D wrapper around and lot and call it a potential x-box game ;)

The subject? Evangelion.. as I might as well produce something I can release as a mod once I get a job. Thankfully theres some good material around I can base a few simple cutscenes from, like the multimedia from eva-r.com... I've also seen a few good models on Polycount I can use.

The problem is my utter lack of skill at mapping... ugh.

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