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  2013.11.04  06.39

Logged into LJ randomly... and an hour later I've composed a kinda bitter timeline of my teenage years of discovery. Ugh - depressing, but I do want to finish it for posteriry. I've retained about 12 photos from my most important teen years (moving to Perth, not cutting it as a boytoy, losing all faith in humanity and moving to Vic... :), so the words seem more important than ever now... so much stuff I don't actively recall! :(

Since I probably won't use my shiny Perm account for another few years, current Social Media Prezents arez at:

Facebook (Mostly just chat, I *rarely* check wall posts etc)
••    https://www.facebook.com/Enderboi
    A necessary evil, for IM *sigh*

Twitter (Retweets, Job-related whinging, Other)
••    http://twitter.com/Enderboi
    Apologises if I somehow express a original thought - plz berate me in public, it's the only way I'll learn!


  2012.05.25  15.25
Hello? Excuse Me?


When Brad said he'd give me a Permanent account, didn't realize he meant 'Permanent' as in 'Like a Fanboy at an iPhone launch'.

I mostly use the Twitterz for Social Mediaz these days:


  2007.09.26  21.25

If ANYBODY sees the "Ass Sol"  skit from Chasers last night on YouTube et-al, I _NEED_ it. I
NEED IT!!!!!!

Never watched the show before, and that wasn't the only one that cracked me up ;)

(PS: Not enough people rip on Telstra. Or Sol.)


  2007.09.18  15.23

Hmm. I really don't need to take too many guesses who runs http://southcentral.innaloo.net/..

"If these options are unclear, please select one of the following statements which best reflects your sentiment:

* I am deeply concerned about the ping and I therefore love the cawk
* I love neither the cawk nor the ping
* I love the cawk, but its for the Right Reasons"

Love it.


  2007.07.28  04.37

Hmm... Targetted el'borg-o advertising on YouTube.

"Your a Mac user huh? I thought so, call iiNet now we have a dedicated Mac support line!" <-- Okay, so now lets make that ad selection script smart enough to determine my phone number, run a SQ check and determine I'm not ADSL-capable before rubbing it in with precious bandwidth-stealing ads :P

Anyway, give me my dedicated OS/2 support number, dammnit!

Mood: bored

  2007.07.27  17.22
Fansubbing gone horribly wrong?

I almost fell for a YHBT.... But arresting [DB] fansubbers at Otakon is a little far-fetched, they'd have to have made it past all the cosplay'ers with their "concealed weapons" first :)

Update: July 26, 2007 - Late this afternoon, following the earlier searches of several staff members' homes, the state police arrived at the homes of the remaining members who had been arrested in Baltimore this last weekend. However, when they arrived at the home of one of the staff members they were surprised to find that the member had removed all the hard drives from his computer and they now lay in pieces in a garbage bag. Frustrated officers then began to yell at that staff member and accused him of destroying evidence. When the staff member met their response with silence they decided to take him into custody. Family members looked on in shock as they tasered this individual repeatedly despite him not fighting back. Suddenly, the staff member began to convulse on the floor. Doctors would later say that the individual had suffered an epileptic seizure, possibly resulting from the repeated tasering. Officers claim they then mistook these convulsions for an attempt at escape and one of the officers fired his firearm, injuring the individual. The injured staff member, in handcuffs, was later transported to a local hospital where he is now in critical condition in the ICU. The member's identity is not being revealed, on the request of his family. The staff member's lawyer has already been contacted regarding this incident. More details are sure to follow, and we will attempt to keep this story updated as details are forthcoming.

Mood: pensive

  2007.07.11  15.15

Do you have a SourceForge account? Do you like Ender? In fact, do you even HATE Ender?

Then vote now, for ScummVM as the BEST PROJECT ON SOURCEFORGE. That's right, we bribed them, they nominated us. Vote Now: http://sourceforge.net/community/index.php/landing-pages/cca07/

This spam brought to you by LiveJournal, X11 and the Middle Mouse Button.


  2007.07.10  15.23

14:19:32  [Ender]  but yeah, could be quite an event
14:19:40  [Ender]  what to wear..  ;)
14:20:09  [ Joe ]  clothes!!!
14:20:13  [ Joe ]  please wear clothes!!!

Busted.. *guilty*


  2007.05.22  13.48

Message from 'Lathiat' @ 13:44:47
windows weenie:

linux weenie:
(at which point its not your problem anyway, you died)

Mood: busy

  2007.05.19  19.45

New job is going pretty well; Apart from the daily travel to Malaga.

Got broken into Thursday night tho, so had to skip work on Friday (the last day I had for handover from the other guys) waiting for police, locksmith, yadda-yadda. Expensive little venture, and not how I'd planned to spend the day.

Also, having dialup at home and Fibre at work is heartbreaking.

End of Line.


  2007.05.09  14.11
Because nobody has been complaining I haven't updated lately..

Well, it hasn't been the Year of the Ender so far.

After my holiday at New Years, I was hit with the debt collector for the power bill from my old place - a cool $500 or so. Then my mobile phone went similar ways (for a similar amount of money); Still paying them off and things have been more than a little skimp on the ground.

Meanwhile, the work I've been doing sounds like it's going to wrap up soon. I put some feelers out last week, and was somehow talked into applying for a job that'd be pretty damn interesting, at what I hear is a really good place to work. I didn't really realise until the weekend, after a good response and landing an interview, that living now in Fremantle as I am now it'd be a 2+ hour one-train-3-bus commute every morning - with the buses only coming hourly.

Well, I tried to get in there Monday only to become completely lose somewhere around Morley. I tried my best to talk them out of having me in for an interview, but had no luck and am now on for a interview tommorow afternoon. Why do I have to be so good? (Disclaimer: Comment intended to be extremely facetious)

I really wish it wasn't so far away, otherwise I wouldn't be so stressed out about the whole situation. Or, alternatively, that it was pay-week so I could ice-cream my way out of the stress *g*

Mood: stressed

  2007.04.07  11.03
"Beings such as myself do not require sleep"

Well, I've been pretty much bedridden all week with a really really horrible flu. Ugh. And I'm shortly crawling back into bed :)

Enders bi-yearly roundup of random thoughts:

 * Disaster! (2007) - IMDB it yourself. I hereby vote this the most ridiculous movie of the year. Can you guess how many drugs the creators were on in the Making Of! video?
* Full Metal Panic Novels licenced for translation by TokyoPop - How could I have missed that news in Feb? Pity it'll be about three years until they catch up to the novel I want to read ;)

* Oi Bandai - You've been doing a wonderful job with Haruhi Suzumiya... We all love following the ASOS brigade and reading the little news updates you've left in the HTML source code. (PPS: Who wouldn't prefer Kyons chronology?)

There, this is the most 'marked up' LJ Entry I've ever made. Be Happy. :)


  2007.03.22  10.46

Interesting Factoid #1: It appears that its easier to convince someone they don't have ants living in them, then it is to convince them they are NOT stuck to walls by invisible spider webs. Curious, and random.

Interesting Factoid #2: Ender needs wifi gear. Which means Ender needs money for wifi gear, as he is stuck on 28.8k dialup at the moment (what the?). So the plug?

Mood: aggravated

  2007.02.22  16.20
Happy Birthday to Me...

I'm a hundred and three, I'm as broke as a monkey... and sober as one too? :)

Nah. It's my birthday, but since I took quite a spill on a scooter wed morning I didn't get the chance to put my dole form in, so $0 for today. Bummer. (Ps: Not that I can complain about my injuries, I flew a good 4m while the driver ended up getting his ankle pinned by the rear of the bike ;p)

Mood: listless

  2007.01.22  13.12
Horrible Photos

Heres a picture or two of me at LCA. I didn't have a camera this trip, so no actual sightseeing photos :P

Mood: hot

  2007.01.20  15.49
Long overdue post..

Well, I should have made an entry -last- week... lol. These are my last few days in Sydney before I finally head back home to Perth (well Fremantle these days) Tuesday night. Looking forward to it in some ways, dreading it in others - mostly the flight back ;p. But a month is way too long to be away from all my stuff, so I just hope its all still there when I get back :P

Last night was the end of Linux.conf.au, and the Penguin Dinner (thanks for the food and booze, HP and IBM! :). Much drinkage was involved, and at one point I somehow ended up having a really deep and meaningful discussion about Gay Porn with a very cool chick from Google I've ended up chatting with a lot over the week. (Speaking of which, the Google Party on Monday apparently hit about $18,000 on the bar tab. Pretty impressive really.)

Kind of bombed out early, didn't stay for much of the after party since I've been going too hard this last week, averaging maybe 3 hours sleep a night. Pretty nasty. Cab driver on the way back was an Oblivion fan, so we swapped tips (and tried to convert him to Linux, since hes tried it before but didn't like the lack of games... bah!). Then my good intentions of catching sleep and catching up on my real paying work today went to shit, since I arrived back at my Uncles just as he was heading out to a club... I just had to go :P

After drinking some stupid amount of vodka and tonics at the club (on top of the 1 1/2 bottles of wine I personally consumed at the conference dinner, plus a few beers before I skipped the conference after-party), I had to skip on my dear relative around 5am. He stayed at the club for a while longer :)

Now I'm paying for it. Oh, and my phone has been MIA all week (apparently its in Gosford...) which has made getting around even more... interesting. Anyway, for anyone wondering, thats been my last few days. Excuse this ranty hungover messy of a Livejournal entry... It's probably the longest I've ever written in my many many years of LJ ownership :)

But It's over. It's over! Strong Bad says it's over!

Mood: hungry

  2006.12.30  18.24
Happy New Years Eve!

Please don't SMS me with NYE greetings.

I'm going to try my best to be asleep by 10pm Tassie time, since I'm going to be so mindnumbingly bored and sober... and everyone keeps inviting me to really good parties in Perth and Freo I can't fly back for in time :)

I appreciate it mind.

But for everyone who IS going to be at a party or intoxicated for NYE.... Have a great one :)

Mood: bored

  2006.12.20  14.00

Just started playing Destroy All Humans 2, on the Xbox instead of PS2 this time around, and all I can say is that its funny as :)

Already run into a character called "Bongwater"... John and the crew at Pandemic must have been smoking some fine shit with all the hippy jokes :P


  2006.12.11  01.30

Potential Travel Plans:

Dec 31st [Edit: Dec 24th] - Perth to Hobart
* Contractual Obligation Visit

~Jan 12th - Hobart to Sydney
* ~12th - 15th - Catch up with the few peeps I know who live in that hole. Might instead swing by Melbourne, depending on the finances (*cough*)
* 15th - 21st - Linux.conf.au 07, and chasing pigeon around with a rubber chicken and pully.

Jan 21st? - Sydney to Perth
* Home again. Much broker, but with the joy of having listened to Rusty complain about giving a talk AGAIN.

... Estimated cost, excluding accomodation, food, et-al... just travel and conf fees... $900. And I need to get hold of a laptop with a working battery (unlike my crappy 400mhz HP) somewhere / somehow before the conf.

Ouch, I really wanna make this trip happen tho. Its a crap most of my work always dries up about this time until after the new year :P

Mood: hopeful

  2006.10.25  04.54

"CSI: Cardiff... I'd like to see that! They'd be measuring the velocity of a kebab."

Mood: blah

  2006.10.10  15.16

Smuggling someone out of East Berlin in a wooden coffin that just happens to be able to turn into a lovely hand-crafted wooden jetski when thrown over the bridge into a river...

Now THAT is the kind of sheer style that makes MacGyver a timeless classic :)

Mood: nauseated

  2006.10.03  11.55

In case people haven't realised, I have no internet access, haven't for weeks, and don't expect to for some time to come :(

I am NOT snubbing ScummVMs 5th Birthday, my recent attempt to return to Espernet, or anything else. :P

Mood: sad

  2006.09.04  21.35

Someone is dead.

If you read down on your friends page, I'm sure you'll find out who.... Since EVERY SINGLE ENTRY ON MY FRIENDS PAGE AT THE MOMENT IS ABOUT IT. ALL 20 OF THEM. :)

Mood: nauseated

  2006.08.19  18.26
'200' was the king greatest :)

Yeah. It was. I want to watch it again and again :D

So now we know what the Furlings look like, I guess.... Hmmm... :)

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then nyeh.

Mood: happy

  2006.08.19  02.39

Yay! Surround Sound (my bestest local video story) is finally getting more Stargate in since JB Hi-Fi is selling the boxsets on special at the moment :)

I just picked up Season 3 for a week (AUD%5 for a week, damn $2 price hike + $1 voucher rebate *g*). Season 2 next week, once the person who has it our is finished.

My favorite drunk quotes from this season so-far:

3x02 - Tealc: "There is an old Jaffa saying, General Hammond - They do not build them as they once did."

3x04 - Hammond: "In the future, Major, before you activate any device that includes the word 'Reactor', I would appreciate it if you notify me!"

Jack: (to Carter) Which brings to mind the obvious question... How could you marry such a loser?
(Followed by a musical piece which seems to rip its base melody from FF VII?. Do we find out the answer to this age-old question Tommorow? :)

Mood: drunk

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